Bleeding Heart have worked beside many individuals and organisations to provide the perfect location and team to help successfully bring functions, events, forums and fundraising ventures to life.

Here are some great testimonials and stories by some of the organisations, artists and groups we have worked with along the way:

“At The Big Issue we recognise that the Bleeding Heart’s committed to working in partnership and support of organisations to develop and implement diverse community initiatives for the improvement of social and cultural conditions of communities. I would like to express my appreciation for all the support we have received from the entire staff at the Bleeding Heart.”
Brian Stephenson – State Manager (QLD) – The Big Issue

We found the environment of Bleeding Heart to be a perfect fit for the inclusive, community-focussed and friendly atmosphere we hoped to create. Bleeding Heart enabled us to provide a safe, welcoming and central venue for a wide variety of craft and networking activities. Bleeding Heart are uniquely positioned in Brisbane as one of very few venues that provide flexibility, great positioning and a community focus.
Melissa Western – Producer – Saviours of the Lost Arts

“The aims and ethos of Bleeding Heart Gallery are in step with the mission of 4ZzZ to provide an area of expression for marginalized groups and to foster community enterprise. We hope the work of Bleeding Heart flourishes and our relationship with them continues to be mutually beneficial.”
Giordana Caputo – Management Team – 4ZzZfm

“When I think of Bleeding Heart and the Wise Foundation, I recall the words of Sir Frances Bacon, “A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds” The Wise Foundation has not just collaborated with us, but also introduced us to other opportunities we hadn’t considered.
Catherine Gamble – Development Officer – Dress For Success (Brisbane)

“We are extremely grateful for the support of Bleeding Heart. As you may be aware we rely on donations and fundraising to keep up the running of our organisation; preventing LGBT youth homelessness and embracing young people’s sexual and gender diversity.”
Cherry Waldron – Finance Officer – Open Doors

“We held our 2009 charity art auction at Bleeding Heart to raise funds to protect our ocean wildlife. It was a great night, successful fundraiser, and a delight to work with like minded people who are passionate about positive social enterprise and building a better future for planet and its people”. 
Ingrid Neilson – Fundraising Manager – Australian Marine Conservation Society.

“ADAWS greatly appreciates the humungous effort that Bleeding Heart has given and contributed to our service. Thanks doesn’t cut our appreciation for your great work.”
Elise Wall – Adolescent Drug& Alcohol Withdrawal Service

“The process of a fund-raising night assisted Artrageous in meeting our daily needs. Without such wonderful support, organisations like Artrageous wouldn’t exist.”
Shane Rodwell – Manager – Artrageous

“The location of Bleeding Heart and its friendly staff really enabled the awareness and fund raising event to be such a great success.”
Sally Stewart – Queensland Programme of Assistance for Survivors of Trauma and Torture (QPASTT)

“What I remember about our first meeting with Peter and Alex is the energy and enthusiasm they literally brought to the table. By the end of our brief encounter I really felt that something good was going to come out of it. Within a week we had organised our “Samoa Tsunami Appeal Knockoff Drinks” and it wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the commitment of Bleeding Heart to help us help our people in their time of need. It’s humbling to know that there are people and organisations like the Wise Foundation who are willing to put their money not only where their mouth is, but more importantly where their heart is.”
Cassandra Sakaio – Organiser – Samoan Relief Appeal

“Bleeding Heart’s support for Oxfam Australia over the past year has been fantastic, both through their own ‘Goat drive’ initiative raising awareness and funds for Oxfam Unwrapped, and by enabling us to hold events at a gorgeous, central venue we could not otherwise afford, and where we know any profits will be directed to great causes. The February event raised enough funds for 42 goats, and gave dozens the people a new awareness and a chance to feel they were part of making a tangible difference to the lives of people in poverty. In short, we love being able to hold events in such a great venue, and we see our relationship with Bleeding Heart as one of the highlights of our public outreach this year.”
Jessie Wells – Co-ordinator – Oxfam (UQ)

“I’ve had a set of really positive experiences with Bleeding Heart Gallery. Jo and Pete in particular were excellent to work with – they were friendly, encouraging and knowledgeable. This generous spirit is the foundation that supports arts relationships and builds arts communities. As an emerging, unrepresented artist, I think it’s vital that we have access to independent, open gallery organisations such as Bleeding Heart Gallery. I have recommended the Bleeding Heart Gallery space to other artists and organisations and look forward to working with them in the future.”
Sarah Hickey – Artist

“Selling my work through my label, Pannikin, within a space at Bleeding Heart’s gift shop has been a truly wonderful experience in all areas. I believe the gift shop has really helped many of Brisbane’s up-and-coming and established labels with learning how the public view their work and how well it is received. The atmosphere is unpretentious and the staff are friendly. I think Bleeding Heart has a solid place in the community, as their events, gallery shows, exhibitions and workshops help bring together the people of Brisbane.”
Holly Leonardson – Artisan